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Monday, March 19, 2012

The things I miss most of my jailbroken iPhone.

1 SBSettings.
Just love this one. It's the first thing I install. It allows you to reboot or turn on wifi from a swipe. You can also hide icons which you don't want people to see.

2. Gridlock
This is excellent as you can place your icons wherever you wish on springboard and not have to have them side by side.

3 Installous.
This is basically the reason most people jailbreak their iPhones. It's an app store but without having to pay for them. I usually "try before I buy" with most apps but apple doesn't have this available unfortunately. Therefore I download hacked apps.

4. Winterboard
This allows to "theme" your iPhone. I don't know about you but I get very bored with my iPhone if it has the same look all the time.

5. Bitesms.
One of the things I hate about the native messenger app is the inability to have a sent "receipt". With Bitesms you have this plus a lot more like password protecting your messages, time stamp on every conversation.

6. Ifile.
This is an app which allows to go right into the root of the iPhone and with which you bookmark and then share by mail any part of the root. U usually use this to change certain parts of a theme.

7. Springjumps
This is actually brilliant. It allows to "jump" to a certain page by clicking on an icon on your dock and it brings you straight to that page. I think it's much quicker than the swiping as if you have six pages it can be tedious to get to the sixth page by swiping.

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