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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

iOS 6.0.1 bugs?

As you may have in my previous posts regarding my iPhone, I updated my iOS to 6.0.1 hoping to fix it. It reinstalled okay but over the past week have noticed a couple of bugs. Notably the amount of bugs. The first one I noticed was the Facebook crashed. It just crashed for nothing. Secondly the sounds I chose for my notifications. I chose the famous "you've got mail" sound but even with it chosen in the settings the default sound is the only one I hear when I receive a mail. Strange no? The third one I noticed is the battery. It doesn't last as long as before. With iOS 6 it would last the whole day in work with about 60% remaining arriving home. Now it's about 30% remaining. I don't know if apple will fix these issues in the upcoming 6.1 update but I presume they are aware if these issues. Please share and comment below.

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